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Bride Losing Patience Cake Topper

Losing patience for your grooms hobby or habits? Pair this bride with which ever groom best represents him to add some tongue-in-cheek humour to your wedding day.

Figurines are made from porcelain and hand painted.  Measures 6.5 cm Long, 14 cm Tall, Base: 6.35 x 6.03cm.

Bride and Groom Figurine sold separately.

Bride has Gold Blonde hair but you can change colour at an extra charge.


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I Don’t Want To Change Hair Colour

Bride Hair Colour (Optional)

Please keep this in mind

Hair Color Personalization: At the factory, hair colors are painted directly to unfinished porcelain bisque. Our artists must completely paint over top of the original hair color in order to accommodate your personalization request. As result, a personalized hair color will not be an exact match when compared to hair colors that were applied during the initial production.
I have read and understand the explanation.

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